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Have you ever Cycled in Colombia

So as the title says, have you ever cycled in Colombia. That is what I am planning on doing soon. You see, my friend has a Colombian girlfriend who lives in Medellin. As you may know, the Medellin nightlife in Colombia is Fun.

Shes a lovely woman, a true Colombian beauty that has such a big heart. She invited us to go site seeing in one of Colombia's most vibrant cities. The city is called Medellin, and you might have heard that name before.

Yes it was once the home of Pablo Escobar. The infamous Colombian drug lord.

But so much has changed since that era in Colombia. And now it is one of the top places in Latin America. Just the other day I was speaking to my Colombian friend and he was saying that he missed Colombia and wanted to take a trip there.

So I must say I am excited to go to Medellin Colombia to do some site seeing, partying, and of course cycling as I always do.

The plan is to go to Medellin, then maybe check out Bogota.

That is another city that I always wanted to see. Plenty of lovely Colombian women for me to meet.

As always I will be doing some cycling. And maybe this time I can also check out some of the amazing beaches.

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